Media Section

This section of the website is for media professionals, bloggers and other interested parties to find out more about the book and the author.

You can also download images from this section to accompany articles.

  • The media pack, which is password-protected, is here. So if you want to view and download these items then please get in touch using the contact form
  • Low-resolution photographs are available here.
  • High-resolution photographs are available here – although this page is password-protected so if you need these then please get in touch using the contact form
  • There is information about the author here
  • The press release announcing the book (April 3, 2015) is here – or to view the PDF version, click here
  • You can read a description of the book here
  • You will find information about the book, including the ISBN numbers, price and publisher details, here
  • Blurbs and reviews are here


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